Touchy Touchy Feely Feely

A small game made for the 5th Winter Game Jam at the AAU in Klagenfurt within 48h for the theme "What's in the box?".

This game is inspired by real world games where you have to guess which objects are inside a box by just touching and feeling them. 

Select your category (or categories) and test how fast you can guess the correct objects.

How to Play

  • Use your mouse to feel and touch the outline of the hidden object
  • Use the text field to input your guess



  • Pattern Pack from
  • Comforta font from
  • Images from


  • v1.0.1 - 22.12.2021 - Improvements for mouse controls, saving of difficulty setting
  • v1.0 - 19.12.2021 - Game Jam Version


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What a creative idea and great execution!