Superhero Academy

A game made for the Community Game Jam 2019. The theme was "The game is a liar" and the game was made within the given time of 1 week.

The main superhero group "The Universe Troopers" are fighting aliens on a planet in a galaxy far away. Suddenly, a fleet of alien space ships shows up and is heading towards earth.

You are a new superhero in the superhero academy and your training schedule is speed up so that you are ready to fight the incoming alien forces.

Finish your training and fight the enemies.

Important message

We found out that the web version has a bug where the door could stay closed when you die and the game is locked. The only way to solve this is restarting the game. So, if you are dying, I would say "git gud buddy". Just kidding.

The windows version does not have this bug. So, if you are can play the windows version, please do so. Have fun.

How to Play

  • You will go through a detailed tutorial in game.
  • You can play the game with a keyboard or a gamepad.
  • Gamepad recommended.


Sebastian Uitz (

  • Game Design
  • Programming

Kauai Kayote (

  • Graphics
  • Animations

Spicy Overlord (

  • Music
  • Sound effects


  • v1.0 - 31-08-2019 - first version


Download 44 MB

Development log


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Good game 


Nice game, very creative