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Good game! I really enjoyed this.


The only time i felt sad during this game is when there wasn't any next level. damm!
Due to my office life, i wasn't able to play all games in jam, but kenney really bring this one to justice.
You deserve every award for it man, i'm wiling to pay if you publish a game with more levels.

Wow. I think this was the best comment I have ever got for any of my games. Hearing that somebody is willing to pay for my games really means a lot to me. Unfortunately, I'm not planning to work on it in the near future, but I saw that you are following me. So, if I do it some day, you will get a notification.

I'm not sure if I will win any award for this game, because there are for sure games which have used more assets (yours for example) and I don't know if my dev logs are any special.

Maybe I have a chance for the creative award, but I haven't played much other games yet, so I have no comparison.

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You already made it to the winners man :D, Congrats.

If you want more, Here is a small one from my side,
the answer to your shadow check question for "Unlikely Shadows", 
I came from Game Engine background, Vectors, Matrix, shaders is what i know the most,
So, 3 vectors from  World Matrix of an object holds the direction, aka Forward, right and up vectors in Transform.
I'm just checking how accurately the Object is looking FORWARD towards light/camera.


Fantastic game! Love the sound design, music, and gameplay. The shader that you made adds a lot to the graphics quality. Having moving towers in a tower defense game adds a surprising amount of entertainment value while spectating. I hope that you continue working on this game!

Thank you very much for your feedback. I also like the music a lot, kudos to Brian ;)

The shader was really fun to make and I will for sure work more with shaders in the future. This means a lot of tutorials to do now :D

In the next time I will not work on it, but I totally agree that it's fun to watch the ships move an shot :D But it is also really hard to balance out such a game.


Nice TD game with polygon assets!

Thanks. Until the deadline tomorrow I will add more levels and try to balance them so that I really can call it a game :D