One Shot Gladiator

a game made for the GMTK Game Jam 2019 with the theme "Only One" over the course of 48h.

Top down arena shooter. You can pick up different weapons but only use them onces. So plan ahead. Also the health packs only have one use, so use them wisely ;)

How many waves can you survive?

How to Play

WASD to move.
Mouse to aim.
Left click to shoot.
Right click to dash.

If you can't control the character when playing the web version, try a different internet browser.  Google Chrome is working fine ;)

For best performance download the game (Windows only).

Gamepad supported, but Mouse and Keyboard recommended (aim-assist). Press Esc/P in the game to change the control type. 

For those of you who want to know what is possible, check out my gameplay video ;)


Sebastian Uitz (FireTotemGames)

  • Game Design
  • Programming
  • Special Effects

Kilder Távora

  • Game Design
  • Art Design
  • Animations

Chris Kennedy

  • Music
  • Sound Effects


  • Game Engine - Unity 2019.2.0f1
  • Code - Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Art - Corel Draw x8, Photoshop c6, Krita
  • Music and Sound Effects - Cubase, Kontakt, Massive, Zebra, Audacity


  • v1.0 - 04-08-2019 - no changes so far
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
AuthorsFire Totem Games, brek, Kilder_T
Made withUnity
Tagsarena, Game Jam, Game Maker's Toolkit Jam, Top-Down, Unity, waves


Download 31 MB


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Very nice!!


Really great movement is a little clunky but thats it

I do like the idea, because you need to adapt all the time, BUT I hate movement - it felt too inaccurate, because you have too wide "1 step", which made picking up weapons more irritating than necessary. You needed to implement walk (slow, but very precise) AND keep jump (fast, but you are locked to your movement for 0.X seconds).

I played, rated and gave feedback-commented your game, please, do the same for mine. My game is mix of narrative based with top down shooter and has profound ideas about life (if you reach the end). Use left mouse button to shoot and arrows to move. Remember to collect power ups.

Again the movement topic. I really spent a lot of time tweaking it. You have a short acceleration phase. Other have said that the controls is to wobbly like running on ice. I'm sorry that it was not right for you, but you just can't get it right for everyone :D But this point is on my task list and I will have a look, because there is for sure some improvement.

Thank you very much, that you liked our idea.

I will check your game out later.

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Ice analogy is very precise. If I am an exception, then you have nothing to worry about the critic, BUT if too many feel like that, then you have an underlying problem , which you must understand and correct, becoming stronger in result.  By the way, I personally prefer constant speed in my games, because it gives players more control for precise movements (my ex main project


I very love movement of

So you have a problem with the acceleration and deceleration of the character?
At first I went from 0 to 100% speed in one clock. People did not like it (Early testers). Now I added the acceleration and deceleration and people don't like it either. 

You have it rough. I know that it is irritating. Sorry, but I cannot impact how I feel about it.


This is super fun! I only got to wave 6 without knowing about the dash, so I'll probably try again later.


Blame the time limit for not having an actual tutorial level ...

Deleted 2 years ago

The weapons are balanced and the spawn probability is also balanced. More powerful weapons spawn less often. Pistol and shotgun spawn the most. And they are less powerful because it does not make sense to overpower every weapon ;)

There is actually an acceleration to the character, but it is only present when starting to move or stop to move. If you run, you will keep the speed as long as you run. This is what felt the best during testing. But it is already noted to have a look at in the future. 

Deleted 2 years ago

Ok, so is it now bad or good that the pistol is doing less damage? Your comment is a little confusing :D

Btw, this was the best comment ever. Getting called the best game of the jam is a real honor to us. WOW


Feels really good to play.. Every weapon was satisfying to use. But  the pistol is too weak compared to the rest. The best strategy is to clump enemies together and hit them with an aoe weapon.  

I've played through the game without knowing I could dash. I don't think many people will play through the tutorial section. So consider editing the description to show the controls. 

Thank you very much. I added the information about the dash to the How to Play section, but I doubt a lot of people will read it. It never occured to me that people could miss out on the dash. We planned to have some sort of tutorial, but the time was just too short.

Regarding the pistol, not all weapons can be OP :D




This is a really really fun game!! I'm surprised this was made in a game jam, it feels like an actual finished product. It has all the art assets you could ask for, music and even gamepad support! Only criticism i have is that some weapons are less exiting than others. Really good job with this one!!

Thank you very much. We put a lot of effort into this game and I'm glad that my two colleagues were as ambitious as I was. 

I know that the pistol doesn't feel that good, but hey, what's the point in making everything OP :D

(1 edit) (+1)

Got to wave 9, then tried again and got to level 11. It was really really fun, and I am definitely going to try to push that even more. I think that maybe having the guns spawn unrandomly (make the next one be less likely to be the same as the one you just spawned, for example) might be nice, so that you wouldn't be stuck with only pistols for some time and maybe die, just because of bad luck. It may sound strange, but it really helps sometimes. I died on my first try because of that. Anyway, I don't want to spoil receiving a comment, but I got here through the post about the secret of getting people to play and rate you game, so if you want...

Lol. Sorry.

Thanks for the in depth feedback. You are true the RNGesus can really be an asshole, but that was easy to implement and adds a nice touch. I considered changing to a deck of cards randomization, but the time limit... Will add this to the future ideas tho.

And I will check out your game too. Please don't forget to rate it. Maybe you already did.


I did rate it.

Ok, I'm just afraid to miss out on ratings if people write a comment on the game page instead of the rating page :D

Btw. had a quick look at your game page. I have to say the idea is really nice and I'm looking forward to playing it.


Thanks :). Sorry for plugging it like that...

And don't forget to rate it.


Nice Game, its more fun killing your enemies than in my game XD i made something like this too where you can only shoot once with a weapon but i spent more time adding mechanics that i couldn't add more weapons.

I will give your game a try later (maybe not today). I checked out your game page and I saw that you have some kind of magic. Really curious on how this plays.

We got the basic mechanics finished. More stuff was planned, but we knew that we had to throw away some ideas due to the time.

I understand. I also wanted to add so many other ideas like traps and little interactions around. or at least classic exploding barrels. XD  and my game has elemental damage and each enemy die with only one elemental shot. it was my first jam so I didn't know about spending more time on polishing than adding stuff.

well have a good day. ^^ 

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I got to wave 11 if I didn't try something stupid with the sword I would have gotten to wave 12. There is only one this that I would want changed and that would be some way to get more health. Maybe a glory kill system like in Doom 2016? This is a very good game I loved playing it!

The sword is really forcing dumb ideas, but it's just too much fun.

I agree that the health system is not perfect. The 3 medkits (1 got removed because of the wave counter) have been there for testing and we had not time to come up with a better solution. But we are tempted to make a full fledged game out of it, because it's just so much fun playing.

I say go for it if you can get the team back together!


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Best part about the game was lining enemies up for using the sword and laser :)

Currently my highest wave is 7. Definitely going to play more. Well done man.

Yeah, the laser is also really nice for the start of the wave because enemies are lined up already :D

7 is ok, but I think you can do better ;) Consider downloading the game for better performance. Maybe try playing with a controller (Press Esc/P to change controller type). But you will not have aim-assist for controller. Damn you limited time.

And I love hearing that you will play more. That means we did a great job, because most of the games will only be played onces and then forgotten.

Will do man. Will do ;)

P.S Yeah, time constraints are rather annoying XD

If the game gets a good rank, we will continue working on it and then we have enough time to add all the awesome ideas we have in mind :D

(1 edit) (+1)

Got to wave 12, took loads of damage trying to be fancy with the swords

Great game

Yeah, the sword is also my favorite weapon :D
You are invulnerable during the dash animation, so that should help you secure more kills, if you want to try it again.

My record is 16 at the moment, but I should be able to go higher.