Lone Survivor

a game for the Blackthornprod Game Jam 2 with the theme "Mini Planets"

Your galaxy was invaded by alien troops.

All your friends and family got killed and you are the only one that survived.

Nothing else to do and full of anger you decide to take revenge on the invaders.

You take your space suit, blaster, rocket launcher and planet lasso and start your vengeance.

How to Play

On a planet:

  • Use A and D to move around the planet.
  • Use Spacebar to jump into space

In space:

  • Use A and D to turn.
  • Use Spacebar to activate your jet pack


  • Use your mouse to aim.
  • Press and hold your left mouse button to shoot.
  • Press 1 or scroll up to select your blaster.
  • Press 2 or scroll down to select your rocket launcher.
  • Press and hold your right mouse button to activate your planet lasso.
  • Release your right mouse button to release it. 
  • Press F to pause the game. Here you can adjust the music and sound effects.

There are 3 Powerups you can pick up:

  • Health: Heals you for 10% of your max health.
  • Shield: Gives you a shield that blocks the next damage.
  • Clock: Increases your time by 5 seconds.


Everything was done by myself. Even the super annoying background music.


  • Game Engine - Unity 2018
  • Code - Microsoft Visual Studio
  • 2D Art - AutoDesk SketchBook
  • Music - Bosca Ceoil
  • Sound Effects - ChipTone
  • Music Editing - Audacity


02.03.2019 - v1.0.1 - minor fixes


LoneSurvivor_Windows.zip 21 MB


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cool game and colors that remind me of Lovers in a dangerous Space-time , the action feel very smooth and responsive. Cool  but I suck at this games so I died very quick.:) An idea: What if you made also some plant type enemies that you could not soot from another planet you had to be on that planet to chop down?  And a giant earth worm n the cosmic space like in dune  so you can lasso it and get a free ride. :)

Hey. Thanks for your feedback. I did not expect anybody to give me a feedback after the game jam. Really love, that you enjoyed my game. I noted down your feedback if at any point in the future I will continue working on this game. But for now I will participate in some other game jams and work on a few ideas I have.

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I love it, the mechanics feel so smooth and balanced. It also gives you a sense of accomplishment when you manage to pull off some sick tricks with that lasso and jet-pack!


Thanks for the positive feedback. I'm glad you love it. And yes, you can be really creative with the lasso and yet pack. Wait til you see what I have planned for the future ;)

I really enjoyed this game. From the graphics to just the shear amount of content that is inside of it, it was made really well. I thought that maybe if the rocket launcher had a bit of kickback to it when your in the air it could feel like it has more power and could also be a new strategy when moving through the air. Even then this game was really well crafted. Amazing job :).

Thank you very much for your feedback and I'm glad you liked it.

Yeah, giving the rocketlauncher and other weapons (which didn't make it into this version of the game) a kickback but I then completely forget about it. I have written it down and I will for sure implement it in a future version of the game. ;)

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Great! You did a very good job, the planet's gravity mechanics and player controls are very well done and smooth.

The fighting combat is also cool and the difficulty is well adjusted, it's not that easy to get a high score and that adds to the game.

I love how the planets look and have this brightness around them, and the player model is nice as well

The sound could be less exhausting but it fits well.

Overall a very good submission, well done my dude!

If you can it'd be cool if you could rate/give some feedback on my game too, thank you!

Hello there man! I really like the gameplay of your game is funny and easy to catch, the only two things that I don't like at all are that the main menu it's not clear for just start playing and the art meets but could be more interesting to enhance the gamefeel.

The rest is really nice jeje

Good job dude! :)

Thanks for your comment, but I'm not sure if I understood them correctly.
Do you mean that the background in the main menu is confusing? If yes, then I agree, but I was too lazy to make a background and using my world spawner to feel it more alive was a quick solution. Everything that saves time during a jam is good ;)

And your second point is about the art, i guess. This is based on my current art skill and should improve in the future and especially if I have more time :D

Don't forget to leave a rating, if you haven't already ;)

Great game and very easy to start playing. Fun floating around in space and being pulled by gravity. A bit difficult though and there was not really any progress.  But since this is only a prototype you can't expect more.

This game is brilliant. I love every single part of the gameplay! The graphics are stunning and clear and the animations are smooth! My only objection is the background music. It gets repetitive very fast, and makes the game difficult to play.

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thank you very much for your positive feedback. Really love it, that you like it so much.

I know that the music isn't great, but I did it on my own. I could have used music from somebody else, like a lot of people but my goal was not to.

So, if you want to enjoy my game a little more, hit the F key, turn down the music and play some of your favorite music ;)