Fragile Ascent

Get ready for this block-stacking video game inspired by Tricky Towers! 

Team up with your friends to build the tallest, most precarious tower imaginable. Each block adds a dynamic twist, challenging your teamwork and coordination. 

Stack, strategize, and don’t kill each other as you aim for the sky!

Controls - Gamepad Only

  • Move Block - Left Stick / D-Pad
  • Soft Drop Block - A (Xbox) / Cross (PS)
  • Hard Drop Block - Y (Xbox) / Triangle (PS)
  • Rotate Block CounterClockwise - Left Shoulder Button / X (Xbox) / Square (PS)
  • Rotate Block Clockwise - Right Shoulder Button / B (Xbox) / Circle (PS)


Sebastian Uitz - Game Design, Programming 

Michael Steinkellner - Music, Sound Effects


Art by

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorsFire Totem Games, Merlinn Sound
Made withGodot
Tagschaos, Co-op, Multiplayer, Physics, Tetris, tricky-towers
Average sessionA few seconds


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Awesome and very addictive Game! 🤩 We had so much fun playing it together at the game fair! 🤠👍🏼
Adding some keyboard controls would make it perfect (on PC) 🙏🏼