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An old computer sits dusty and neglected in an attic. 

Who did it belong to? Turn it on and find out.


It is a 2D video game with simple point and click interactions. It all starts when the player finds an old 80s computer in unknown circumstances.  Once turned on, the computer's desktop appears on the screen where you can navigate freely. Some elements, such as the 3:2 format and the absence of colors, make the period of probable manufacture immediately apparent. The operating system, named Pixi, was designed from scratch and takes inspiration from existing models, such as Apple's MacOS System or Windows Interface Manager. The experience is specifically designed for the computer user.

Called Pixi is not, however, a simple simulation for its own sake; in fact, within this operating system there are several traces that date back to the imaginary owners of the computer. The player inside the computer will find several traces that go back to the protagonists of the story. The tracks are nothing but text documents, notes, dates on the calendar and images; in short, anything that has been directly produced with the programs available within the operating system.

Game Status: 

In development

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