A downloadable game

This is a demo of A Webbing Journey in which you control a little spider that can do everything a spider can, plus a little bit more.

The final game will be a wholesome 3D puzzle platformer with a cute little spider as the main character.  There will be no combat in this game, but lots of quests and puzzles to solve as well as hidden stuff to find. πŸ˜‰

We want people to have a fun adventure with a cute little spider, because why not. 🧑


The demo can be played right now on Steam   A Webbing Journey - Steam 

If you like our game make sure to wishlist it πŸ˜‰


First finish the tutorial to learn all the mechanics and then explore the other levels and have as much fun as possible. 😁

If you want to make us happy, leave a comment with feedback. We're looking forward to any bugs you find and of course ideas that would make the game even more fun in the future.

You can leave a comment below or contact us on Twitter @FireTotemGames.

Feedback and Bugs

If want to give us feedback about the game or you have found some (game-breaking) bugs, please leave a comment here or jump into our Discord server and chat with us there.

Fire Totem Games Discord



  • Alessandro Chovoloni - 2D Art
  • Gregory Orosz - Live Flutes


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can u pls put the download in itch.io

is there any other way to play this game? because steam wont let me on to the entire app

Ok, this is really weird...
We have a mobile demo now. So you can play the game on your phone


hello again i found a bug when you put  cobweb to a nut and break the nut the cobweb is spinning

Thx for reporting this bug. This is a known bug and will be fixed in the next version. In the meantime feel free to have fun with this bug :D

hello beacouse there are emotes will you ever add multiplayer when i mean multiplayer i mean like a code for a server and for your friends to join


Could you maybe add an option to switch to tank controls? Using tank controls was easier to move around with than what there is now

The tank controls had a small problem lately, but I will have a look and try to fix it πŸ˜‰

Hi! How to save the two little spiders at the end of the tutorial?

You have to build a web between the 2 stones. Then just go to them and escort them back to the Spindle.
Btw. we are working on a new demo that will drop in the next days. So you might want to wait a little to play the better version πŸ˜‰


Just gave the tutorial a try and it's really cool. Short on time at the moment so will play the other levels later but the first thing that pops out at me though is perhaps the default speed should be the "sprint" speed and the shift could be used to "walk" for more precision movement when required. Found myself holding shift the entire time. Followed on Twitter so look forward to more updates!

Thank you very much for your feedback. We are already working on a system to have a faster movement speed by default and remove the sprint button completely by reducing the speed automatically, like on the web where you need finer movement. The environment will also get an overhaul to be better climbable πŸ˜‰Stay tuned for the next demo.


I fricki'n love this game buuuuuutt, there's just one thing missing...... SPIDEWEB SWINGING thank you for this game bro.

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You mean like this?


I Think you will also like my other tweets. All the features that you see there will be in the next version of the game.


I'm speechless, that's all I have to say. Oh and also thanks a whole lot for making my favorite game ever.


Wow, the game right now is a really impressive start/prototype.  It controls surprisingly well and easy, and feels good to play. Played around for quite a while and it is fun as it is, and with web-swinging and the other stuff you're planning on, this will become an awesome game :D

The IK is also really well done, it feels like a spider, at least to me, not that I know how a spider moves. The googly eyes add to it as well :)

Good luck with this project, it has a lot of potential!


Wow, thank you very much for the kind words. I'm really glad you liked the game and already had such fun with the current state that to be honest is only a sliver of what I have planned for the final game πŸ˜‰


I really enjoyed it and can't wait to see where this game goes from here! Love the cartoony style and the googly-eyed spider!


Never thought being a spider would be this much fun!


If that was fun already, the next version will blow your mind 😎

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one thing that would make this even better, the ability to make webs you can crawl on. I just love spider games that you can make webs in tbh.  but other than that, I love this game,


Yes, that's the next feature to be implemented 😎

Can you link me some spider games. I would like to see what else is out there. Collecting some inspiration.


Here are some spider games I have found:




hope this helps!

I tried all of them now.

I already knew Webbed (first game) and I'm following it's progress on Twitter. Really cool game. I'm planning to have a similar mechanic for my spider string and web mechanics, but it's a little bit more complicated in 3D. However, my gameplay will be more cozy and wholesome. No lasers. Sorry πŸ˜…

The second game looked interested from the description, but the controls are a little weird and the game is very slow. Very similar to mine tho from the idea, but again no catching insects in my game.

The last one was also interesting and it was created during the same game jam when I created this game with some people that are really close friends now https://kruemelkatze.itch.io/bee-a-hero. However, the controls of the game are not great.


i like the girl spirder


girl spider so hot


omg the heart emote has to be my favorite. 10/10


Yeah, it's also my favorite emote right now and also the one that took the longest to animate. But, I have some other cool emotes on my list that I will implement soon.


This is great! The movements and the way the legs work are amazing. And I know how long and hard you've been working on it. No complaints at all. However, one day, I would like to hide above, in a door way and jump on a giant human passer by, but just to say hello and not to be scared of me XD


Thank you very much for the kind words. Yes, I'm working really hard to get this little fella walking and jumping that smooth and I'm happy to finally been able to let others play my game, athouth it's in a very early state from what I imagine it to be.
Not sure if I can make your dream come true, because I'm rather planning a nature setup for the game, maybe with some caves/ruins, but we will see where the journey leads for my little spider.