2D Racing Game - Prototype

As the name already suggests, this is not a game. It is a prototype and it was used to get an understanding on how to program a 2D top-down racing game and especially how to program bots that are capable of staying on the track.

In the first part, which is the current version of this prototype, a traditional approach was taken with waypoints and raycasts to keep the bots on the track. Some debug information can be enabled in the start menu and pause menu if you are interested.

The second part of this prototype includes more advanced bots which will use a NN (neural network) to navigate on the track. I have no experience with NN and I have no idea if the bots will really be better than the onces from part 1.

Give me a follow here or on Twitter to stay updated about the progress and when the NN bots are finished.

The game supports gamepade, but the menu doesn't. 
Maybe it will in the future :D

How to Play


  • WASD or Arrow keys to control your car (white one)
  • Esc or P to pause the game
  • R to restart the current race track
  • Spacebar to spawn more bots (Use at your own risk especially in the WebGL version)


  • Right trigger, A button (Xbox) or X button (PS) to accelerate
  • Left trigger, B button (Xbox) or Circle button (PS) to brake/reverse
  • D-pad or left analogue stick to steer
  • Menu button to pause the game
  • Y button (Xbox) or Triangle button (PS) to restart the current race track
  • X button (Xbox) or Square button (PS) to spawn more bots (Use at your own risk especially in the WebGL version)


Just me, Sebastian Uitz (https://firetotemgames.com/)

  • Game Design
  • Programming

Graphics and fonts from kenney.nl

No music or sound effects implemented yet.


  • v0.1 - 2020-05-18 - Part 1 including traditional racing bots and 2 tracks


2DRacingGamePrototype_Win.zip 18 MB

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