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Dude you ripped off ???

I took inspiration ;) And I had to come up with an idea for the game jam. I had additional plans to add some sort of story (inspired by portal) but the time was too short. Feel free to downvote my game if you don't like it.


honestly just disappointed, no credit where credit is due

Did you just make this account to write a negative comment on my game?

Btw. there are a lot of games out there which are inspired by others or rip offs of others. I made a game and I'm proud of it ;)

I did, I was pissed a classic game was getting reskinned without any credit.

Just because others are doing it doesn't mean its a legitimate strategy. ideation is an important part of game development and you failed it. There is a large difference between referencing and plagiarism and this is plagiarism 

I have added the link. Is this ok now?


You should put a link to the original There Is Only One Level in the description. There is no shame in making a clone computer game, but there is shame in not giving credit where it's due. Do the right thing!


Ok, I will do it. You are right.


Good stuff.. 17:44 with 94 deaths :(
Damn Jumpy lol

Jumpy is the worst :D That's why I put a no death level afterwards. So that everybody can relax after that torture. Nice that you finished it ;)


kool game...

27 deaths on level 4

That's ok for playing the first time :D But you will gather some more in the later levels. Did you stop at level 4?

No, I stopped at level 13

Ok, sad that you didn't make it through all 20 levels. But I have to admit, some levels are really evil :D


I had a great time playing. I loved the different challenges that were presented on the same floor. Didn't think it would work but it did.

And I had a blast watching you play it :D Loved the WTF moment as you thought the second level is the same as the first. That's exactly what I wanted to achieve.

I also had to smile when you said that you wanted to place corpses everywhere and I was was like "yeah, wait until the jumpy level".

It's sad that you had to skip twice, but the "take a break" had a similar solution to "can't hear the music". 

Btw. solo game dev here. The name may signal that we are more guys but nope, only me doing everything except the music (because I just hate doing music).

Yeah on the take a break level I honestly never saw the skip button till then so I thought that was the solution. But the jumpy level will forever haunt me. But it was a great game you made. I do regret that I had to skip twice but at least that was it.

yeah, maybe I remove the skip button for that level. The jumpy level is also the hardest for me. Killed my perfect score of only 1 death. BTW. The game was made within one week for a game jam and it is now also available in the Google play store.

[Developer Message]

In case anybody is motivated enough to speed run the game. This is my best score. Fucking level 19 killed the perfect death score :D





Very fun game! I really like the concept of having just one level but with different challenges. Level 14 took me quite a while and level 17 is just sadistic... :D Good job!

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Thank you very much. I took some inspiration from another game, but who doesnt :D

I like that you got challenged finding out how to finish the levels. That means I did a good job in level design.

So you have finished all levels the intentional way without hitting the skip button? Because that is quite an achievement because a lot get frustrated at some point :D

I had to skip two levels, the windy and the jumpy one. It took me about 20 minutes and exactly 144 deaths to finish the other ones :D

Yeah, those are by far the most difficult levels in my game. I had them as lvl 4 and 6, but moved them back so that people don't get frustrated right away :D

Good to hear, that you managed all other levels. Your statistics are kind of normal for the first playthrough. I posted my high score in the comments too, in case you want to know what is possible :D


The game is very nice, a lot of interesting levels, music is great. I've had problems with the level 12. How many levels this game has?

Thank you very much.

This game has 20 levels as it can be seen in the trailer ;)

I'm working on a google sheets file which has the solution to all levels, so I don't have to spoil them in the comments ;)

But there is a Skip button that will pop up after 40 seconds, so you can experience all 20 levels.