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This game has a good idea actually. It is very good for learning where countries are.


Yeah, it's funny how I actually learned some geography from a game that I made. And I know that you are a fan of games that help people learn new stuff.

Btw, we are currently improving the game, because the 3h time limit for the game Jam forced us to cut some features. Updated version soon.

great, i will check it. But seriously, this game has potential and is perfect for a kids learning mobile game.

I think I lost my sanity on this one. But was super fun playing (:

Yeah, it's crazy how many countries are out there, that you might have heard of before, but just can't figure out where it belongs too. Really funny to watch friends struggle sort the more obvious countries wrong. 🤣🤣

Btw. I'm sorry to inform you that your high score isn't even close to what is possible. Not sure if you want to know what it is. 🙈

PS: We are working on an updated version that has better controls (volume slider, sensitivity slider, training mode, ...). Maybe you want to follow to give the new version a try too.